Your kitchen is the heart of your home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where everyone gathers together for meals, stories, homework and midnight snacks. When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you may opt for an entirely new layout - one that meets your family’s unique needs. For example, do you want a large island with an overhang? A built-in desk for doing crafts and paying bills? A double oven and farmhouse sink for entertaining?


As you prepare for a kitchen remodel, it’s important to plan accordingly. The last thing you want to do is overlook something and not have the chance to incorporate it into your remodel. To help you out, here are four practical tips for planning a successful kitchen remodel project.


  1. Assess your budget


Your budget is influenced by the extent of your project. Are you looking to make small improvements that give your kitchen a modern facelift? Or, do you intend to do a major overhaul that involves a new layout with new plumbing and electrical work?


Go through this list to determine what will be part of your remodel and how much they will cost.


  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Backsplash
  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing and fixtures
  • Kitchen windows


There are no hard rules on how much a kitchen remodel should cost, but some estimates say that it should be around 15% of your home’s budget. The most expensive upgrades are cabinets, appliances and windows.


  1. List out your priorities


What are the most important things that you hope to see in your new kitchen? Make a list of your “must haves” and the things you can do without. Consider your lifestyle and the types of improvements that can make your life easier and more enjoyable. Some of the questions to ask yourself are:


  • Do you like to eat your meals at the island or kitchen table?
  • Do you entertain a lot? Host the holidays?
  • Which appliances do you use the most?
  • Do you need more storage space for pots, pans, dishes, food, etc.?
  • Are you open to saving money with off-brand appliances and modular cabinets?


  1. Consider the latest kitchen trends


It’s helpful to look at the latest kitchen trends because they can give your project added inspiration. Plus, if you want your kitchen to look updated and have good resale value, you want it to be in line with recent trends.


A few kitchen trends for 2019 include shaker-style cabinet doors, white cabinets, wood flooring, an “L-shaped” layout and technologically advanced appliances. Large windows and layers of light are also popular.


  1. Work with a licensed contractor


Lastly, hire a licensed contractor or kitchen remodel company to help your vision come to life. These professionals can guide you in the right direction based on the improvements you want to make and the budget you want to stick to. For example, a cabinet installation company can help you save money with pre-built cabinets that are available in several finishes. Or, you can choose fully custom cabinets in the style and color of your choice.


Follow our tips above to plan a successful kitchen remodel that will give you everything you want - and more!