Open Shelving- Is It A Good Option?

Are you thinking about adding open shelving to your home? This kitchen trend certainly isn’t new (remember Monica’s shelves in Friends?), but it has gained traction in recent years. While it isn’t for everyone, open shelving can be a great solution for small spaces or adding a modern touch without spending a lot of money. 


Below you’ll find the benefits to open shelving and the considerations you should make. After reading this article, you’ll know if open shelving is a good idea for your home! 


What are the Benefits of Open Shelving?


Open shelving puts everything on display – cups, bowls, plates, etc. If you’re unsure about this, you can always start by taking a few cabinet doors off the hinges. This way, if it’s not your style, you’ll know before you reinvent your space. 


Here are the main benefits to installing open shelving in your kitchen.


  • It’s flexible. Tired of having small appliances or dishes hanging off the shelves and preventing the cabinet doors from closing? An open design is more flexible and allows you to place different sized dishes and Tupperware on the shelves. 


  • Looks great as a combo. Do you like the idea of open shelving but don’t want your whole kitchen to be like this? Open shelves looks great on their own or when combined with modular cabinets.


  • Great for odd spaces. If you have an odd, unusable space in your kitchen, open shelving is a great way to fill it. Plus, you’ll get functional space that can be used for storage and decor. 


  • Seasonal decor. With open shelves, you can switch out your decor for the seasons. This makes it easy to showcase your favorite decorations and keep your house looking fresh year round. You can even put your favorite collection on the shelves! 


  • Convenient. Rather than digging through your cabinets to find a simple bowl or dish, open shelving eliminates this frustration. You can see everything and have easy access to your most used dishes. 


Considerations for Open Shelving 


Open shelving is a great storage solution, but it’s not for everyone. If you are trying to manage a big mess at home, you probably won’t want to shift over to open shelving. You can’t just close the cabinet doors and forget about the mess. 


Because the shelves are always open for display, you’ll need a good system to keep things organized and looking nice. Expect to have some storage for the things you don’t want on display like slow cookers, serving dishes and other odds and ends. Lastly, plan on cleaning more often to avoid dust from settling on your dishes. 


As you can see, open shelving has many advantages but does have some considerations. If you think open shelving is right for home, contact Axis Interiors today. We can turn any dream into a reality! 


*Disclaimer- this is for informational purposes only. We ask you to do your own research as well