Modular vs Custom Cabinets: What’s Best for Your Kitchen Remodel?

When choosing cabinets for your kitchen remodeling project, you have two main options: modular cabinets and custom cabinets. Both cabinetry types have their advantages. We recommend starting off with a blueprint of your kitchen renovation. If the sizes and finishes of your cabinets can be found with a modular line, we feel you will be satisfied with your options. If you have unique angles or prefer distinct sizes and finishes, a custom look will probably be best.


Let’s learn more about modular and custom cabinetry and the benefits to both.


Modular Cabinetry


Modular cabinets are a great choice if you are remodeling your kitchen on a budget. These cabinets are built from pre-made cabinet parts, with sizing based on industry standards. To keep prices down, options are more limited. For example, only a few finishes and sizes may be available. But, if you can find what you need, your renovation budget will stretch further.


Some people worry that the quality is not as high with modular cabinets, but this is not the case. Only the choices are more limited, which is the reason for the reduced prices. Quality remains high. The good news is that most of the finishes and sizes are what’s most popular on the market, so customers usually have no trouble finding what they need.


Custom Cabinetry


Custom cabinets are made in a cabinet shop according to your precise specifications. The options are unlimited, which means you have complete freedom to choose the color, style and design of your choice. It doesn’t matter how many odd corners you have in your kitchen, or if you have a unique color that you want matched. A custom cabinet company can do it for you.


With endless ways to customize the cabinets to your liking, this is usually the most expensive option. Another consideration is that custom cabinets have longer production times. They are being made specifically for you, so there is no “stock” to rely on. Typically, you will go through the timeline of picking what you want, approving colors and styles and waiting for the product to be completed.


When people want distinct pieces, such as a butler’s pantry or uniquely shaped island, they usually don’t mind paying extra and waiting for the cabinets to be produced. Plus, custom cabinetry gives your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look that none of your neighbors will have.


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Follow our tips above to plan a successful kitchen remodel that will give you everything you want – and more!


*Disclaimer- this is for informational purposes only. We ask you to do your own research as well