Selecting the Best Countertop Options for your Kitchen

Do you have a busy household? Then, choose a countertop to match your energetic kitchen! When replacing your countertops, there are many options to choose from. Laminate countertops can cost as little as $5 a square foot, or you can upgrade and go with an attractive quartz, corian or granite. The possibilities are endless!


Let’s learn more about the various countertop options available for your kitchen update and the benefits to each.




Quartz is beautiful because it looks like natural stone and is available in many color combinations. Quartz is slightly lower in price compared to granite and marble, but it’s just as durable. In fact, it holds up well to serrated knives, hot pans, abrasive pads and stains. If you’re looking for something natural, unique and durable, quartz is an excellent option.




One of the most popular options, granite countertops are resistant to heat, cuts and scratches. Because each slab of granite is unique, you can get an entirely original look for your kitchen without copying your neighbors. Not only is granite durable and visually appealing, but also it resists bacteria and dirt, making it a great choice for busy households. Plus, the price of granite has fallen in recent years.




Limestone is a natural stone, and more homeowners are considering it because of its unique properties. As aesthetically pleasing and high in quality as limestone is, it does require extra care. It’s porous and can be easily stained from acidic fluids, so these countertops will need to be sealed. You may also need to use special cleaners on it.




Marble is another stunning addition to a kitchen remodel thanks to its distinct colors and patterns. Marble is widely available, so this option can be more affordable ompared to other stone options. Like limestone, marble does require specialized care. It is prone to scratching and staining, and sealing is necessary.




Laminate is an all around great choice when it comes to durability, affordability and attractiveness. With new printing technology and decorative edges, you can get a laminate countertop that looks similar to granite. It’s also easy to install and maintain, saving you money on the front of your project. Just be sure to always use a cutting board, as laminate can be permanently damaged.



Butcher Block


One last countertop option to consider is butcher block. This look delivers warmth and functionality to a newly renovated kitchen. Butcher block is also affordable and ages gracefully, especially since knicks and scratches can be sanded out. Best of all, the countertops double as cutting boards and food prep surfaces.


We hope you enjoyed reading through the various countertop options on the market today. With so many choices and price ranges, it’s easy to find a countertop that will serve your family’s needs.


Follow our tips above to plan a successful kitchen remodel that will give you everything you want – and more!


*Disclaimer- this is for informational purposes only. We ask you to do your own research as well